One Heart One Voice One Mission

CWL National will be live streaming the keynote speakers at national convention in Halifax!  Please follow along!
  • Tune in at 9:00 – 11:30 a.m. Monday, August 15th (Atlantic Time) to hear Sr. John Mary speak on the topic of Women of Mercy United in One Heart, One Voice, One Mission.
  • Join in on Tuesday, August 16th to hear Fr. James Mallon’s I Am A Mission on this Earth from 10:45-11:45 a.m (Atlantic Time).
  • And finally, don’t miss Dr. Nuala Kenny speaking on Palliative Care Wednesday, August 17th at 9:00 a.m (Atlantic Time).
The link to the livestream is
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Remember it is Atlantic hour earlier than EST

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Convention Reports

Click on the link on the left to read the convention reports of the OPC executive  and on the "Diocesan Presidents" link  to read their convention reports.  Good things are happening in Ontario!


Organization Directive #3

A picture is worth a thousand words.

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The following Resolutions were passed at the 69th annual Ontario Provincial Convention held July 9-13, 2016:

ON.16.01:  Enhance the Canada Health Act to Include Home Care

ON.16.02:  Equal Access for Permanent Residence:  An Amendment to the Immigraion Act

ON.16.03:  Expand the Nutrition North Canada Program to Include All Communities Accessible Only by Air

ON.16.04:  Training for the Safe Operation of All-Terrain Vehicles by Youth Under the Age of 16

Thanks received from St Vincent de Paul Society

Dear Pauline,

The food and monetary gifts given to us by CWL members from across the province were deeply appreciated.  We began using the food at the food bank on the Wednesday you had your closing ceremonies. The bags with the attached prayerful message was a most thoughtful way to show  unity with the people we serve. I was able to overhear some of the prayers of your group and I was certainly left with a strong feeling that we are one in service. The money and food items  are very helpful and the most obvious sign of support but  knowing your prayers are with us is so important as we journey to assist the people who are in need.

Please pass on a most sincere thank you to your members.


Jim Gaylor


SSVP St. Joseph’s Conference

July 10 - 13, 2016 ~ Stratford
Goodbye Stratford.  Thank You London Diocese.


Bill C-14 and Conscience Rights for Doctors
Click here to make your voice heard and let the Minister know you think Ontario doctors should have conscience protections.

June 2016 ON-Line Newsletter


Spring 2016 The Trillium News & Views


Bishop Bernard F Pappin Memorial Bursary History and Purpose

Bishop Bernard F Pappin Memorial Bursary Application Form



 Procedure for Book of Life

Sample Letter to Minister of Health re Physician Assisted Death

Sample Letter to Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

Physician Assisted Suicide Bulletin

Please take action today  OPC Bulletin Re Bill C-14